BOOKING YOUR SESSION - When you call to schedule, there are 3 things we’ll do on the phone:

1.  We’ll schedule your portrait session for a time that’s convenient for both of us. You will have an hour with Amber for your family portraits, 1-3 for Newborns & 1-3 for Seniors. That usually includes an all outdoor session, unless it is a newborn.  For outdoor portraits, you can choose from urban alleys, to the Elkhorn River, tall grasses, old barns, and even our popular junk yard.

2.   We’ll schedule a second appointment, inviting you back to the studio 2 weeks after your session to view your images and place your order with Amber. This appointment time is 1 hour for families & children or 2 for seniors.

3.   Lastly, due to the demand for Amber’s creative time, we ask for a $250 reservation deposit to hold and confirm your appointment. It’s entered as a credit to your account and all of it will go toward your sitting fee & portrait order. It simply ensures you will arrive at the time you’ve reserved. Your deposit is refundable up to 5 days before your session. Things come up; we understand. We’re happy to help you find a time that works better for you, and your $250 reservation from the original appointment will fill follow you the new one.


New Clients-please contact Amber before scheduling an appointment.

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