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1. "FOR GROUPS" - Color coordinate! Nothing ruins a photo like a slapped together wardrobe. The best way to go about picking outfits for your family photo is to pick several colors and have everyone in variations of those you have picked.  Check out stores online or pintrest for awesome ideas!  Long sleeves and dark jeans are always great places to start.

2. "FOR INDIVIDUALS" - Bring several outfits that you feel great in.  Wear solid colors or light patterns, avoiding busy patterns or logos/words. Play with hats, scarves or funky belts.  Long sleeves and dark jeans are always great places to start.

3. “HANDS, FEET & SHOES” – Bare feet are especially fun, and kids love it too.  Please have well-manicured hands and feet. If shoes are preferred, please make sure they are in good shape, clean, and not scuffed.  If your pants are dark, wear dark shoes.-If your pants are light, wear light colored shoes.

4. “EYE GLASSES” – Please bring a frame without your lenses if possible or wear contacts.  Very important-editing eye glass glare is expensive.

5. “PROPS” – I have benches, chairs, etc. in my studio but feel free to bring your own!  Props help to show your personality and record the types of activities you are involved in. Be sure to bring some of your own props to your portrait session. Here are some ideas: Musical Instrument, Vehicle (car/truck/bike), Leather Jacket, Uniform/ball/helmet/shoes/stick/bat the more the better, Hats, Sports Equipment, and Sunglasses.

6. "TAN LINES" - Tan lines are not attractive. 

7. "MAKEUP" - Makeup should only be slightly heavier than normal. Mascara should be clean and contain NO clumps.

8. "SHAVING" - Please make sure you are clean shaven.  

9. "HAIR" - Guys should definitely not have a fresh hair cut.  Be careful of changes right before your session. Bleached hair does not look as good in photographs.  Go with a look that will be around for a while.


11. "TRY ON YOUR CLOTHES" - Maybe you bought clothes 3 months ago, but do they still fit?

12. "SENIOR GIRLS" Choose a VARIETY of outfits, meaning casual & formal.  Let mom choose a few, and you choose a few.  Baggy clothing might make you look larger than you are. Choose flattering clothing. If you think you have large arms, be careful of sleeveless styles, they make your arms look fuller. Stay away from loud patterns, stripes and plaids.  Also use a variety of colors.  It's best to not use any stripes or solids with 1-2 stripes or lines.  Your face should be the focal point of your portraits.  Long sleeve solids or very subtle prints are usually the most flattering in portraits.  Bring appropriate foundation wear for each outfit. Flesh colored is the best you can hope for. Also, if you need a strapless bra, please bring one. Tucking the straps down, usually shows and doesn't look the best. Carefully select these pieces so they do not give unsightly lines.  Don't forget to bring your jewelry, especially your class ring.

13. "SENIOR GUYS" - Bring more outfits than you think you will need!  If mom gets her nice shot, she is much cooler on letting you get what you want! Make her happy. Bring the right shoes for the outfits. Docs or sandals photograph better than big, bright white tennis shoes. Bring a dark t-shirt to wear under dark shirts.  Don't forget to bring your jewelry, especially your class ring.

14. "DARK BACKGROUNDS" - Medium to dark clothes look the best on dark backgrounds. So if you like these more dramatic looks use darker more subdued colors.  

15. “LIGHT BACKGROUNDS" - Medium to light colors look the best on lighter colored backgrounds. So if you like the lighter sets and backgrounds bring lighter clothes that will go good with the backgrounds you prefer. 

16. "OUTDOOR PORTRAITS" - Be careful of bright greens as they often clash with the greens of the leaves and grass. Black, Khaki, pink, orange, navy, tan, gold, burgundy, dark yellow are good outdoors. I recommend staying away from white, light/pale yellow or other very light/pale colors outdoors. 

17. "TRADITIONAL STYLES" will stand the test of time and keep your portrait looking fresh for years to come. So try and use styles and looks that will be in style "next year" as well as this summer. Otherwise you're portrait will look dated and out of style in a year or two.